Art and Culture

Music and blood

Art and culture are a significant part of the heritage of this country. The music is in the blood of all the Cape Verdeans and that is why the country has given numerous artists to the world who have entered the history such as Cesaria Evora, Tito Paris, Ildo lobo, Mayra Andrade, Bana, Suzanna Lubrano, Luis Morais and many others. Among the musical genres that are recognized to be autochthonous there are the Coladeira, the Funana, the Batukada, the Valsa and especially the Morna, launched by Cesaria Evora and which has a certain affinity with the Portuguese "fado" and the Brazilian "modinha". Also on the cultural and artistic front it should be noted that Cidade Velha, on the island of Santiago, Ribeira Grande historic center, which was the first European colonial outpost in the tropics, is part of the world heritage of humanity.