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Therapeutic treatments in Sal island

If you love wellness and the care of your body, always on the island of Sal, you cannot miss swimming and take advantage of the therapeutic treatments offered within the Salinas of Pedra de Lume. Bathing in these salt pans is a unique experience due to the fact that the high salinity rate of the water will allow you to float without having to worry about knowing how to swim. Also, within the Salinas, there are thalassotherapy treatments, thalasso scrub and mud therapy.

Once you have enjoyed these experiences take a relaxing walk in the marina area of Pedra de Lume and on the way back to Santa Maria take a detour to Espargos to visit the island's capital and Terra Boa where you will appreciate the area most prolific agricultural island and the desert expanse that connects to the natural pool of Buracona from which you can appreciate very striking mirages.